About Us

The Greek Archaeological Committee (UK), thereafter referred to as GACUK, was founded in London in the autumn of 1986 on the 150th anniversary of the Greek Archaeological Society at Athens, with which it is associated. GACUK was founded by Mrs Matti Egon-Xylas who served as Chairman from 1986 until 1993 and from 2003 until 2013. In addition to its Founding, Ordinary (including Corporate) and Corresponding members, GACUK benefits from the support of some twenty Patrons, most of whom are distinguished British Academics. The Patrons are: H.E. the Greek Ambassador (ex officio), H.E. the High Commissioner for Cyprus (ex officio), Prof. Sir John Boardman, Mr Gerald Cadogan, Prof. Dame Averil Cameron, Dr Lesley Fitton, Prof. Judith Herrin, Lady Hunt, Mr Robin Lane-Fox, Mr Anastasios P. Leventis, Mr Spyros Mercouris, Prof. Catherine Morgan, Prof. Lord Renfrew, Dr C.E. Richardson, Dr Nicholas Richardson, Prof. R.R.R. Smith, Prof. Anthony Snodgrass, Lord Sutherland, Sir Roger Tomkys and Prof. Peter M. Warren.