GACUK encourages Greek and Cypriot-Greek graduates in archaeology to undertake post-graduate studies and research in Greek archaeology in British Universities. Applicants must be holders of First Class awards and their financial circumstances be such that they would require assistance towards further studies. To this purpose, GACUK offers five* scholarships annually to successful applicants. The scholarships are primarily intended to meet the cost of fees but also, under certain circumstances, towards other relevant disbursements. The successful applicant will normally receive a scholarship for three consecutive academic sessions, subject to the recipient’s satisfactory academic progress. Scholarships are announced in the spring on this website and on notice-boards of relevant University departments in the UK, Greece and Cyprus, as well as at the En Athinais Arxaiologiki Etaireia and foreign Archeological Schools in Athens. Application forms are available on this website and must be submitted by the date advertised. The Selection Working Party normally meets in June/July and announces its decisions shortly afterwards by e-mail as well as personal letters. The Selection Working Party consists of the Chair, the donors, the Academic Adviser and an external assessor, usually a British academic.

* GACUK reserves the right to defer, from time to time, the offer of one or more of its scholarships, as well as to alter the sums available for each scholarship.