CHARITY No. 1013176


  • The Matti Egon Scholarship I (Allocated)
  • The Matti Egon Scholarship II, in memory of her mother Stamatia M. Xyla (Allocated)
  • The A.G. Leventis Foundation Scholarship, in memory of Dino Leventis
  • The GACUK Members Scholarship
  • The Dr Eirini Saroglou-Tsakos Scholarship in Greek Maritime Archaeology
    Eligibility is limited to applicants whose research pertains to any maritime aspect of Greek culture from prehistory to the middle of the 19th century. Such research includes but is not limited to Greek island archaeology, ancient Greek trade and trade routes, thalassocracies, shipbuilding, shipwrecks, seafaring and life at sea, navies and naval battles, harbours and anchorages, maritime sanctuaries and cults, ship and marine depictions in art, as well as past perceptions of the sea.

Applications for all scholarships are invited for either a FIRST scholarship or, for GACUK scholars, a FURTHER scholarship for postgraduate studies in Greek Archaeology in a university in the United Kingdom. The scholarships are intended to cover all, or part of the cost of tuition fees and under certain circumstances, to supplement research expenses. Successful applicants who have no fees obligations may receive part of or a whole scholarship to cover costs relevant to their research and sojourn in the UK. Subject to the conditions of eligibility listed below being met, a scholarship may be awarded for up to three consecutive years for PhD/DPhil candidates or, normally, one year for MA/MSt candidates.

For a FIRST scholarship, eligibility is limited either to citizens of the Hellenic Democracy and of the Republic of Cyprus or to those of Hellenic ethnicity (Greek and Cypriot Greek).Applicants for a FIRST scholarship must hold, from any reputable university, either a first degree with First Class Honours or equivalent (such as “Arista”) or a second, postgraduate degree with Distinction or equivalent. At least one of these degrees should be relevant to Greek Archaeology. In addition, applicants must have either a firm offer of acceptance from a university in the UK to enroll as full-time or part-time postgraduate students in Greek Archaeology, or be already enrolled as such. End of term or semester progress reports on the academic work of recipients of a FIRST scholarship will be required and a scholarship may be suspended if the reports are unsatisfactory.

For a FURTHER scholarship, eligibility is limited to applicants who had already received a scholarship for the previous academic session, whose end of term or semester reports were deemed satisfactory and who are also in receipt of letters of support for continuation of studies from each of their supervisors.

In granting a FIRST or FURTHER scholarship, the GACUK Selection Working Party will take into consideration the financial status of the applicant, as well as any other scholarships, bursaries or financial aid packages to be granted or already granted to the applicant.

The decisions of the GACUK Selection Working Party are final.

Applicants for a FIRST scholarship are invited to complete Application Form A and to submit it electronically to the address below.
Application Form A must be completed in ENGLISH and must be accompanied with the following:

  • Certified copies of degree certificates. (If the language of a degree certificate is not Greek or English, then a certified translation in English will be required).
  • References from two academics from the university/universities which awarded the degree/degrees who are familiar with the applicant’s work or from two academics who have supervised any practical experience in archaeology which the applicant may have had. These references may be either in English or in Greek and should be sent electronically by the academics directly to GACUK and addressed to the Academic Adviser.
  • Letter of acceptance from the university in the UK where the applicant proposes to undertake postgraduate studies, or letter confirming that the applicant is already enrolled.
  • Letter or some other document from the university showing the amount of tuition fees payable.
  • Copy of personal or parental tax return for the most recent tax year.

Applicants for a FURTHER scholarship are invited to complete Application Form B and to submit it electronically to the address below.
Application Form B must be completed in ENGLISH and must be accompanied with the following:

  • Letter of support from two supervisors. (If the applicant has had only one supervisor then the second letter of support should be from another tutor who is familiar with the applicant’s work)
  • Letter or some other document from the university showing the amount of tuition fees payable.

Note ALL DOCUMENTS accompanying Application Forms A and B should preferably be submitted electronically in PDF.

Address for submissions only:Application Form A and Application Form B should be submitted to All documents accompanying Application Forms A and B should be submitted preferably in PDF to

All other enquiries should be made to